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Converting to Infinite ECM from Other ECM Solutions

Many organizations are becoming increasingly frustrated with ECM solutions that have limited functionality/applicability, are expensive to upgrade/maintain or face a dubious future following acquisitions or mergers. As an enterprise-class solution suite, Infinite ECM can cost-effectively address the long-term functional requirements of virtually every department. The Infinite ECM Difference is why a growing number of organizations are replacing their existing ECM solutions with enterprise-standard Infinite ECM solutions that reduce IT complexity and lower total cost of ownership.

Here are a few reasons why organizations have replaced their previous ECM solutions with Infinite ECM:

There was a dead-end in the upgrade path. Some “upgrades” require a complete migration to another platform and may not even be included in maintenance agreements. Faced with this situation, many organizations have found that implementing Infinite ECM instead of upgrading is more cost effective and less disruptive. Support and upgrades are included under maintenance contracts, and Infinite ECM is the sole platform from which all of E-FILE Software’s products are developed, easing the upgrade process as well as migrations between premises-based and in-house solutions.

Maintaining custom code was too cumbersome and costly. Many ECM products require extensive custom coding that increase professional services costs, delay deployment and complicate upgrades. Infinite ECM’s easy configurability and wide array of effective integration tools virtually eliminate the need for custom coding, lowering costs and speeding time-to-value.

Because of acquisitions, the future of their ECM solutions was uncertain. Infinite ECM provides the certainty of a core-focus product developed by a company that has experienced stable growth that outperforms the industry average.

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