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InfiniteECM for Banks


Infinite ECM Software offers OEM content management tools licensing to companies who plan to integrate basic document management and collaboration capabilities into new and existing software applications.

Infinite ECM products are ideal for developing regulatory compliance applications, dynamic portals, ISP file sharing services and a variety of other applications which support geographically separated users involved in collaborative business processes.

Using Infinite ECM, OEM customers can dramatically increase speed to market, minimize project risk, and reduce development and maintenance costs.

Several of the world's leading software companies have licensed Infinite ECM technology for the following reasons:

  • OEM Architecture: Infinite ECM' basic content services platform was designed to enable third parties to embed basic content services into enterprise applications. Integration is achieved through a documented API (Application Programming Interface) standard.
  • Enterprise-Ready: Infinite ECM products are designed for deployment across the enterprise. The deployment architecture is secure, highly scalable and designed to ensure data integrity.
  • Open Standards-Based Support: Infinite ECM products are based on open and industry standards such as .net, HTTP, SSL, LDAP.
  • Proven Experience: Infinite ECM has developed successful OEM relationships with many organizations, including the world's largest software companies. We understand the technical and business components needed to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.
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