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Outgoing Mail Registration Process

The system allows the data entry staff to add new outgoing mail record and fill out the Metadata such sent to party, date and subject/category and the security level of related department of the letter, and off course the system will auto generate the reference serial number related to the current year. The user can also link the outgoing letter to the related incoming letter if found.

After initial mail registration the added mail cab be retrieval by the authorized users in the organization and will appear in the search results and reports.

As final step the end user can start capture the related documents (scan paper or import e-documents) and attach them to the Outgoing mail or even auto generate the outgoing letter template file (i.e. Word Template).

Optionally the Outgoing mail letter can be sent to the required workflow template to automate the Outgoing mail workflow process for review & approvals.

The system provides ready reports regarding the Outgoing Mail such as:

1- List of the current search results of the Outgoing mail records.
2- List of Outgoing letters with related Incoming letters if found.
3- Even the outgoing reference number/date stamp can be generated / printed out from system.

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