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Correspondence Management

InfiniteECM for Banks

Correspondence Management

InfiniteECM Correspondence Management is a Scalable Enterprise Solution that enables the organization to capture, to index, to store and to automate the incoming/outgoing mail registration process including approvals workflow and actions history tracking.

The Out-of-the-box & flexible architecture of solution makes the implementation affordable and available within very short time.

Modular design, scalability and easy integration with third party EDMS & Other systems allow the solution to grow with the environment and business needs.

The system supports filling out all data entry fields in bilingual (Arabic/English) to support full (Arabic/English) Interfaces, also the system can specify the status of the employee (On his work, In vacations or Inactive) and the employee can assign optionally his replacement when he in vacation to let the work flows normally.

Optionally when the organization chart information provided for all employees in a ready simple Excel sheet template including Employee ID, Name, Department, Sub Department, Section, Job Title, Manager Name, Domain User Name the system will automatically import those information and build the whole organization chart of the corporate in one shot and will save time and efforts in regular data entry in the system.

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