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InfiniteECM for Banks


InfiniteECM Jackets is a specialized daily voucher Capturing Software that is capable of handing scalable amount of paper documents with full customization of life cycle for accurate and high quality output. Using InfiniteECM Jackets users can capture, automatically index and verify daily vouchers produced from the branch's tellers using the quality assurance lifecycle management at very high speed with remarkable efficiency and ease of use

InfiniteECM Jackets runs on Microsoft Net Platform, can access data and documents on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows and UNIX based platforms supporting TCP/IP.

The InfiniteECM Jackets solution enables operations to load the daily spool files into a central or branch bases, scan the related vouchers and attachments to those

transactions in spool file. After that the system allows the user to automatically match and link the scanned documents with their indexes.

InfiniteECM Jackets is fully integrated with wide range of ECM and EDMS solutions such as InfiniteECM, OpenText Livelink, DocuWare and etc...

Using InfiniteECM Jackets Administration the system supervisor can define the existing bank branches in an easy GUI interface and then he his allowed to assign different security privileges on each branch.

The following description will give a clear image of the different phases that a daily vouchers goes into until it is finally published in the ECM/EDMS solution for retrieval.


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